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Thursday, 29 Feb 2024

FREE SOUL - Teasing Woman, CD (OSR-015)

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FREE_SOUL_-_Teasing_WomanNO! The gal on the cover has no idea about snooker but she is really digging the explosive rock 'n' roll sound of FREE SOUL! This recipe contains all those precious ingredients in order for a gang to boozing with lotsa burbon or tons of draught beer! 50's, Mexican, Country, Boogie, Rock 'n' Roll, Blues all well-mixed and served for a party out of bounds! Especially when your partner is... as teasing as the "Teasing Woman" of the cover!!!

If you dig tequila you should listen to "Mexican Sound", if you love huggin' Mary's little belly, then listen to "Mary's Belly Button". When you're going out for a ride with your baby, then you play "Take You For A Ride", whereas if you wanna dance a little, grab Nana and spin with her to the rhythm of "Nana 45". And all that happens in an American bar with "Couple Of Drinks", because life's too short and should live it fast!

Because, "Too Fast To Live, Too Young To Die"!!!

TRACK LISTING: 1. Mary's Belly Button, 2. Teasin' Woman, 3. Turn Me On, 4. Mystery Train / Tiger Man, 5. Nana 45, 6. Mexican Sound, 7. Take You For A Ride, 8. Don't Forget My Love, 9. Couple Of Drinks, 10. My Girl, 11. Your Mama Don't Like, 12. Too Fast To Live, Too Young To Die


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